J Cole thinks his Album will go Platinum

I doubt he sells a total of 100,000 copies and that is with the Label buying back 50,000 of them. It is tough to sell anything these days unless you have been in the game for years or you have a huge commercial radio hit. The record buyers don’t buy records anymore we just download them for free.

Roc Nation’s J. Cole recently talked about his forthcoming debut album and how he is not allowing fear of dismal record sales to play with his mind. When asked if he was scared of being unable to live up to sales expectations, Cole admitted his confidence in the upcoming LP.

“Nah, they’re not the same. I don’t have a fear of not delivering, I know I’m going to deliver, and I don’t have a fear of sales because – I wouldn’t call it a fear of sales because I don’t place that much emphasis on the sales, but I definitely have an excitement over the sales. I want to sell a godrillion. But I’m not scared I’m going sell 10,000 records. I’m not afraid of that.”


2 Responses to “J Cole thinks his Album will go Platinum”

  1. Kazu says:

    Where’s the part where he says he thinks he’s going to go platinum? He didn’t say that. He only said he wants to sell alot. And that he’s not worried if he doesn’t.

  2. Mo says:

    I smell a hater *sniffs*… Can anyone say 217,000 first week, debut album #1 on soundscan. Dont underestimate good music ADMIN We stand on what we said He will not go platinum and we think the 217,000 is suspect and the label probaly bought half of those.

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